The Hurry Epidemic

It seems like we have become accustomed to operating in a state of "hurry".  We feel like we have too much to do and not enough time to do it and in kicks the illusion of the benefit of faster.  You know, the belief that “if I hurry I can …”

When I give in to long-ingrained habits I seem to have 2 speeds-the classical hare and turtle.  I either rush around or I move at a turtle pace.  It’s a cycle.  I look at my to-do list and realize I must hurry.  (Even now I see my tendency to type as fast as I can.  Thus making mistakes and wasting any time that I gained by hurrying (the irony!) And isn’t that the illusion?  That hurry means more.  

So as expected one can only keep up that pace for a limited time. I burn out. I have pushed myself past the tired stage when I could have slowed down and conserved my energy, I could have taken a break to recharge.  
No, now I am flat out Done.  So I stop and accept the forced rest (no choice at this point).  But as I relax I realize how good this feels.  And the more relaxed I get the better the rest feels.  So my 15- minute break turns into half an hour, or more.  (especially if Netflix is involved)

And now I am behind so I hurry some more.  And I start the cycle all over again.
Lo and behold, “hurry sickness” is a thing. 

“ ‘Time urgency’ is the official term for the habit of speeding through tasks and experiences, and it's caused by an obsession with the scarcity of time. When you experience anxiety about the pressure of deadlines and there never being “enough time,” you can enter a chronic state of worry that seeps into your sense of accomplishment and self-worth.
At its worst manifestation, it becomes a state called ‘hurry sickness,’ a behavior pattern that can erode your ability to think clearly, make appropriate decisions, and lead to job burnout or chronic underperformance.” 
The irony about the contagion of hurry worry is that it isn’t coming from an external pressure of the lack of time—it’s coming from habit, and habits can be changed.”

This is the best part-we can change this!

For starters:
  • The obvious-make shorter lists
  • Allow more time than we think we need
  • Be more selective about what we take on
  • Build margin in our day to free up time for the unexpected challenges and happy surprises
Can we do less and be more? Allow more space and learn to let peace be our norm? It will change our lives and our relationships.

I have a plague on my wall that says ,”let whatever you do today be enough”.   It is a work in progress, I am getting better at it!

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