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One of my biggest challenges with time management was how to schedule when there were so many "unknowns" in my day.  Those things I couldn't control, the interruptions that would totally derail my well-made plans.  
Another pushback was trying to make someone else's schedule work for me. When it didn't I told myself it was me,  I was just unorganized.  A lie that further deflated me.

Through my struggles to find order in the chaos, be more organized and increase productivity came my 5-day series to get you fast results.

5 Days to Making Peace with Your To-Do List-$299

         Day 1                  
One-hour zoom session to discover your challenges and to-dos.  I teach you different ways to think about and approach your tasks, how to pivot and stay on course. We create lists and schedules that will work for you.  

Day 2
Days 2-5 We meet for 20 minutes to discuss what worked, what didn't.  We make adjustments where needed. 

Day 10
 Follow up for any remaining input, questions and answers.

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