Life Changes

What changes would you like to set in motion in your life? In yourself, in your circumstances?  Often those desired changes percolate awhile before we actually set out to create them.   

Why? Our minds don't like change, so there's that.  And change is work.  And we've made attempts and failed at change.  And it just seems easier to keep it percolating.  

What if what you want could be a reality?  Sooner than you think?  Let's talk, come up with a plan and celebrate results!

Below are some examples of my work with clients.  

Sally's Change

“Linda's communication skills, wisdom and direct questioning abilities make her a skillful life coach.   Working with her has helped me to focus on achieving a major life goal that I had been struggling with for several years.  Immediately after the first session, I had more clarity.  I was able to  begin taking sequential steps that brought me closer to my goal.  Linda's charming and warm personality is reassuring yet she encouraged and challenged me to push forward to be "The Best I Can Be". Sally M. 12/2020

Sally achieved her big goal within 9 months

Mother/Daughter Relationship

A client wanted help with her relationship with her married daughter.  She was angry, confused and they couldn't seem to have a productive conversation.  There was a lot of built up resentment between them.  We were able to discover that a major source of her anger was her expectations of her daughter.  There were multiple layers to navigate, but this was the beginning for her.  She was presented with another perspective, a way to honor her daughter and release control.  It was a beginning.

Big Move

A client wanted to realize a dream he had had for years to relocate.  He had multiple destinations in mind.  Indecision and certain fears were holding him back. The fears were creating self-doubt and messing with his confidence. 
He was thoughtful, open to learning and exploring and changing. 
We met once a week, perspectives around the relationship grew and he was understanding himself better and what he needed and what he could give to a relationship.
He quickly got to work on a plan to relocate and followed through on his plan.
Within 3 months he relocated to one of his dream destinations, had a job, an apartment and was starting a new life. 
A year later he was still very happy with his new life. 

Realizing the Disconnect

A client in her early 40's was working a job that was stressful in multiple ways.  She first came to me trying to make the decision to leave her job or stay.  What she was actually doing was enjoyable and the pay was good.  But she had too much to do and was putting in long hours to complete the administrative tasks associated with her job.  The stress was damaging her health and she was looking for alternatives.  She took the career assessment that measures personality, interests, skills and values to better understand areas she would thrive in.  During our consultation  she discovered multiple great options to research.  About a week later I got a phone call from her.  It suddenly sank in that a lot of her stress was coming from the significant disconnect between her work life and her values. She was carrying a lot of guilt.  Following protocal meant violating her integrity, she had to be dishonest. Realizing this gave her the courage to establish some boundries in her work while she researched other jobs.

Janet's Story

"I am fortunate to have Linda Gall as my life coach. She is present, thoughtful, compassionate, aware and trusts the process of her individual client's needs. This is HUGE. I asked for her guidance and accountability on a business acquisition. It has been much, much more. You know those areas within you that you may not always be conscious of, premise deep within, and will continue to be there and get in your own way until you work through them. Linda provides clarity and guidance in a loving way. It's a gift these foundational pieces are showing up for me to evolve because wherever I go, I take myself with me, in my personal and business endeavors. I am so incredibly grateful for Linda" Janet 1/2024

Anne's Story

"As a younger, working mother, I was seeking to connect with a life coaching professional who helped me to (i) determine my strengths/weaknesses , (ii) life priorities and (iii) a better way to realize a happier, healthier life balance in my daily life. Linda Gall was just the person to help me with this need/support.
Linda and I met weekly over the course of a few months to discuss both my current professional questions (handling work place challenging conversations, growth in my career/job role and exploring what work roles might look like today / in the future for me). I also worked with Linda utilizing the “Career Direct” curriculum to identify my personal/professional gifts/challenges as I look towards the next chapter of my working career. 
Linda is patient, she is reflective and she utilizes the materials to help her client’s find a greater sense of self, vocation (calling) and purpose in our lives/this world. I am a Christian and I asked Linda to integrate this lens/element into our coaching / career work. I feel closer to God and more affirmed in the gifts/purpose He has given me to serve my family, workplace and community after working with Linda. Whether you are religious or not, Linda will help you step back and determine your own Life values, goals and priorities."

Working with Me
We start with a complimentary consultation.  I can get an idea of what you are looking for in life consulting and you can get an idea of who I am and if you would like to work with me.  
We determine the best length of time and schedule to start with.  

My Fees:
Single session: $150
4 Weekly sessions: $500 ($100 savings)
8 Weekly sessions: $900 ($300 savings)