When it's Time for a Career Change

A client had worked for years in finance.  He was making a decent living but was very dissatisfied and unmotivated.  He took the career assessment to see what else might be possible for him.  During the consultation he realized his passion for the food industry and how it could be a great fit for him based on his personality, interests, skills and priorities.  Five years later he is part owner of a restaurant and 2 food trucks.  And very grateful for the direction and motivation for the change!

How Can You Know What Career is Right For You?

An accurate, comprehensive assessment tool and report can be very effective in determining your unique make-up and take the guess work out of your career decisions.  Combined with a professional consultation, it will narrow down your choices, helping you discover the jobs that are consistent with your individual design. This can save you a great deal of time and money, frustration and regrets.  It can free you to put your time, money and energy toward a career that will be satisfying long term. 

How this Assessment is Different

It has been independently verified for accuracy.  Instead of basing results on one aspect of your design, it bases your report on 4 distinct areas to give a comprehensive view of your design.

We discover your personality strengths, your factors and sub-factors. Your sub-factors either strengthen or balance your factors and we look at the  implications of those and how they help in choosing the most satisfying careers.

The assessment does a deep dive into your interests.  We look at how strong each one is and evaluate if it is a hobby interest, or one that you would like to support your career, or one that you would like to focus on as your career.  The more of your interests that you can incorporate into your career the more motivated you will be long-term.                                                                                                     

We each have natural skills, often ones we aren't aware of.  When we discover those we look at how they can be incorporated into a career   where we can utilize those.  Areas where we are naturally skilled start us at a higher baseline and we learn faster.  Growth brings us more opportunities, more recognition and excitement about our career.

What is important to you in your work environment?  Do you need to be outdoors, inside, around people, working alone and more considerations.  Looking at these help to realize what areas to focus on for long-term career fits.  We also look at the work outcomes that are most important to you, as well as life purpose. 

Alignment in all of these areas is crucial for the best fit. 

What's Included in the Report

  • Results of Your Assessment
  • Approximately 33 page Report
  • 6 Factors of Personality
  • 16 Personality Sub-Factors

  • 4 Top Skill Areas
  • Low Skill Score Exposure
  • 12 Work Environment Values
  • 8 Work Outcome Values
  • 9 Work Life Values
  • Summary Charts
  • Action Plan
  • Resources

What's Included in the 3 Hour Consultation

  • Getting to know you beyond the report
  • Learning your work history/education
  • Other factors to give me a deeper understanding of you
  • Understanding how the scoring works
  • Understanding the implications of your personality factors
  • Understanding your interests and how to incorporate them
  • Discovery of your natural skills and areas where you can use them
  • Looking at your values and using them in career selection
  • How to vet career paths based on all 4 of these areas
  • How to use this extensive knowledge to move forward

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