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I have had an interesting career path.  It has certainly had it’s twists and turns.  As a young adult all I wanted to be was a wife and mother.  I loved children and wanted a dozen!  After 2 I changed that dream and 3 seemed like a much better number!

So motherhood was my first career, and career it is.  It is full-time, overtime and then some.  You learn, you grow, you collaborate and make decisions and get promoted from being a mother of infants to a mother of toddlers to school age and teens before you move from overtime to part time.  You learn conflict resolution, problem solving, cause and effect, roi, and human behaviour patterns.  Just because you don’t bring in a paycheck doesn’t mean you don’t get rewards-many.   I loved it.  
I’ve always been creative, analytical and a self-starter.  This took the form of being a solopreneur in various areas.  

My love of sharing stories with my children led to training in the ancient art of storytelling and story crafting.  I started a storytelling and speaking business using the old folktales and personal stories.  I presented stories in schools, libraries, for parties, women's retreats, and corporate retreats in Seattle and Bellevue and the surrounding areas. Stories are such a wonderful way to understand ourselves and each other.  I still use them in speaking engagements and whenever a good tale is called for.

My experience in human behaviour, conflict resolution and problem solving led to an interest in psychology.  After learning and growing through significant changes in my life I found a love for life coaching.  

Since our lives are impacted so much by our career choices, it was a natural extension of my education to get trained for career direction. I have seen wonderful results through the use of the Career Direct assessment and my consultation with clients.

Receiving training in Mental Health Coaching gives me greater insight into mental and emotional challenges. 

I believe that we are all beautifully made.  That we have the potential to make a profound impact in our world.  Whether it is to many or a few, we are made for greatness.   Someone is counting on us to step into that.  And in fulfilling what we were made for is joy.

That we live and move and have our being in God.  Whether we believe that He exists or not.  

That the principles of forgiveness, of gratitude, of moving intentionally through life are as relevant today as they have always been.  Scientific studies are proving the immense impact on our mental, emotional and our physical health. 

I love working in this field of possibility.  It is a huge honor to journey with others.

Let's explore what coaching with me would look like for you.  

I am available for a call.  No obligation, no pressure, just an opportunity to ask questions and get to know each other a bit.  

"I am fortunate to have Linda Gall as my life coach. She is present, thoughtful, compassionate, aware and trusts the process of her individual client's needs. This is HUGE. I asked for her guidance and accountability on a business acquisition. It has been much, much more. You know those areas within you that you may not always be conscious of, premise deep within, and will continue to be there and get in your own way until you work through them. Linda provides clarity and guidance in a loving way. It's a gift these foundational pieces are showing up for me to evolve because wherever I go, I take myself with me, in my personal and business endeavors. I am so incredibly grateful for Linda. Janet 1/2024

Change is Invevitable

Growth is Not

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